• MN Tangara

    MN Tangara

  • MN Pelican et MN Calao

    MN Pelican et MN Calao

  • MN Calao

    MN Calao

  • MN Tangara

    MN Tangara

  • MN Pelican

    MN Pelican

MN Tangara

MN Tangara

SOGESTRAN Group : diversified activities of subsidiaries


Our Story

The group story dates back to 1st October 1948 in Le Havre, when Edmond GIRARDET created SOGESTRAN (Société de Gestion et de Transports Fluviaux) : four people and two 320 tons self-propelled tankers.

Over the years, the company steadily grew, first in the Seine Basin with the transport of petroleum products between Le Havre and Paris, then around France’s other navigable basins.

During the 60’s, it intensified the technique of pushing on the Seine and on the Dunkirk-Valenciennes canal, and then went on to diversify its sectors of industrial activity (ores, cars, cement powders, etc…), before established a presence successively on the Rhône, the Loire estuary and the Gironde.

Today, the SOGESTRAN Group has over 200 river and sea boats within several river companies including, CFT, CLT, CFT GAZ, MAHIEU and sea subsidiaries as MARITIMA, BIOMAR, CBS and MN.