MN is an integrated shipping company

Using its own personnel, it manages the crews, the technical and commercial aspects of the ships that it operates. MN has sufficient officers and seamen to operate its fleet, in accordance with both French and international regulations. MN is organised into 4 departments:

MN is an integrated shipping company
MN is an integrated shipping company

Commercial Department

  • Contract management
  • Definition of commercial requirements and specifications
  • Sale and purchase of vessels
  • Chartering of vessels
  • Negotiation of shipping contracts and charter parties
  • Management of voyages and commercial operations
  • Bunkering of vessels

Manning Department

  • Management of French and foreign seagoing personnel (officers and rating)
  • Management of crew qualifications and training
  • Safety management of seagoing personnel
  • Recruitment, management and payment of seagoing personnel.

Technical Department

  • Management of the maintenance of the vessels of the fleet
  • Planning and management of maintenance operations carried out by the crew and sub-contractors
  • Planning of maintenance and dry docking periods
  • Provisioning (spare parts, lubricants, consumable items etc.)
  • Maintenance of ships’ national and international certificates and classification certificates (Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, Lloyd’s Register etc.)
  • Monitoring of national and international regulations and modification of vessels
  • Ship safety management
  • Management of new-buildings and conversions
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Control of building process and preparation for operation

Administrative & Financial Department

  • Financing of vessels
  • Management of vessel investments, income and expenses
  • Management of ship damage and liability insurance (hull and machinery, P&I Club) and the Company’s insurances
  • Management of claims and damage
  • Management of shore personnel

Morlenn Express

Since 2010, MN took over Morlenn Express and its activity of maritime transportation of French Navy personnel betwenn its on Brest roads. For doing so, Morlenn Express owns 6 launch boats : Bindi, Tibidy, Trébéron, Arun, Terenez and Louarn which can as well be used occasionally on other activities.